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Stay Up to Date on Acura Maintenance With Exclusive Coupons and Discounts

At Jeff Wyler Acura of Dayton, we know how important it is to stay up to date on all of your regular maintenance tasks, so you don't end up with expensive repairs later on. To help your Acura be the best it can be, we offer regular discounts and service coupons on the common maintenance and repairs that all drivers encounter. Check with us to see if that oil change, filter replacement, battery check, or new set of tires you need right now will save you even more money with one of our excellent service specials. We make it easy for you to schedule your service appointment with our handy online tool. Make your Acura appointment today, and we'll get right to work on it.

Oil Change Service Coupons in Dayton

One of the most basic pieces of advice any technician will give you is to never neglect oil changes and utilizing our dealer's oil change service special the way to go. While engines are constructed of sturdy, high quality metal, they also have precision parts that need to be treated with care. Your motor oil is a lubricant that bathes moving parts, keeping them gliding effortlessly. When your oil gets dirty from daily driving around the Kettering area, it can gum up parts and actually cause your engine to age prematurely. Regular oil changes, where you save when you use our oil change service coupon, will ensure it works efficiently and even help to save you money on fuel.

New Tires And Tire Service

Do you need a new set of tires for a great price? We can answer that for you, with a check of your tread depth and get you a great price with our tire specials. Worn tires are subject to drying out, which can lead to flats or blowouts. The change of seasons in West Chester, OH can also warrant a new set, if you need specialized tires for summer or winter driving. It's a good idea to have your vehicle aligned each time you get a new set of tires, so your steering wheel points correctly and your tires aren't subject to uneven wear. Explore the new tire service coupons.

Specialists In Brake Service

Your braking system is an interrelated arrangement of hydraulic lines and clamps. Your brake pads are directly responsible for slowing the spin of your wheels, clamping down to bring you to a stop. That's why making sure your brakes are working correctly is so important. Dayton drivers can save with our brake service specials. Their lifespan depends entirely on factors like your driving style and regular route in the Austin Landing, OH area. Because the wear rate is so individual, it's hard to know exactly when they'll need a replacement. Cues like squeaking when braking or less of a response when braking will let you know you'll need to schedule service and use a brake service coupon. You can also have the fluid in your hydraulic lines replaced occasionally for more efficient performance.

Keep Your Filters Clean

Your engine has many different types of filters, each doing their part to clean air or fluid of impurities. Your oil filter will get changed when your oil is changed, but your engine air, cabin and fuel filters are no less important and require regular maintenance so your engine can run smoothly. You'll want to change the air filter every 15,000 miles or so to keep your engine's source of air flowing freely. Your fuel filter can probably last for 40,000 or more miles, due to advancements in design and materials. Your cabin filter should be changed annually to keep the passenger area free of odors and dust. Explore our new filter service specials.

Don't Neglect Your Battery

It's easy to overlook your battery, but with the slightest problem, you're reminded of exactly how vital this auto component is. Modern batteries can last for quite a while, depending on design, but when you need a new one, use one of our car battery service coupons. If you've got an older battery, you'll want to have it inspected for its capacity to hold a charge, especially if you're expecting to drive in cold weather. Hot weather can also take a toll on your battery, shortening its lifespan by causing it to work harder than necessary.

Schedule your Service Online

You can save on the most common Acura maintenance services by checking our service specials and taking advantage of our great prices. Use our online scheduler to pick a time to bring your Acura into our Centerville, OH Service Center at your convenience!

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